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SAW III (2006)

We are at the third chapter in one of the newer iconic franchises, and many people consider SAW III to wrap up the original trilogy nicely…with future installments getting too muddied. That argument will be saved for later, but taken on its own merits, this one is a decent conclusion to a three story arch...if not a tad underwhelming considering the twists that came before. The main narrative concerns a father put into a game and needing to learn ‘forgiveness’ after his son was tragically killed in a drunk driving accident by assorted parties. The scenes flip between this narrative and a nurse seemingly kidnapped and forced to do surgery on a bed-ridden Jigsaw by Amanda…otherwise her neck collar will explode if not done in a timely manner. This chapter is where some of the traps get really nasty. One of the more unique ones, potential death by pig entrails, is followed up with one of the more brutal ones (the rack). A bit more mean-spirited than its predecessors, this story nonetheless attempts to expand the now new lore with Amanda at the helm, and we see how it plays out. Decent entry, but it’ll make you yearn for the original.



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