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SAW 3D (2010)

The series concludes it’s original run (except for the reboot) and…they must have pulled a Rise of Skywalker and skimmed Reddit to determine how to end this series instead of coming up with their own creative explanation. We have one of the Boondock Saints claim (fraudulently) to have been a past victim of Jigsaw only to survive and start his own self help groups and motivational speeches…because you know, money. Well, it’s never a good idea to make up a Jigsaw story because sooner or later you will find yourself in a real game and that’s what happens. Not only that, we have an OG character showing up as part of his support group so we know this character will pop up again sometime in the conclusion…ruining any suspense. The backstory with this entry is after the lackluster box office of Saw VI, the studio decided to conclude the series with a part 7, instead of a two-part conclusion as originally planned. This means many sub-plots and meaty stories were eliminated for this conclusion in favor a rushed narrative and open questions still left answered from previous entries. We’ve made it this far so you have to see how it ends…just a shame the studio got cold feet and condensed what could have been an epic two-part conclusion into a short 80 minute finale. One of these days they’ll learn.

SLASH SCENE: The return of the OG apprentice!


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