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Saving Vice Review

Good evening to all of you out there up late with Hellfire Radio! Your resident reviewer, Hellfire Brittany here with another review for an incredible band. I first found this band through Spotify and saw them again when they premiered the video for "Endgame" on the Dreambound YouTube channel. As you guys know, it is always a great place to hear some truly fantastic music and this was no exception. Saving Vice had an amazing song and I just knew I had to have them on the Mixdown. I was elated when they were on board and even more so to hear that they would be down to do an interview for us. More on that in the coming months so stay tuned.

This five piece metalcore band from Vermont is stacked with some incredibly talented artists. Tyler Small and Chase Papariello provide breathtaking vocals. The cleans have a great tone and the screams are fucking sick. Sammy Whelton commands the stage with some serious drum skills. They are heavy and dynamic, making each song more engaging than the last. Thier guitarist, Robbie Litchfield showcases a refined talent, producing arrangements that lend perfectly to each track in thier growing collection of songs. Kenjamin Smiertelny rounds out the band with his phenomenal bass skills. He provides the glue that holds it all together.

The end result is a band that continues to show immeasurable talent and growth. Saving Vice may have found success, but have not shown themselves to be the kind of band that lets a little good fortune change them. Recently they performed at the iMatter festival, an event focused on fighting against self-harm, suicide and self-doubt. All of which are important issues to me, in that I have known many people who have battled with their mental health, not all of which won thier war. During thier time at the festival, fans were welcomed warmly during their meet and greet. The photos posted showed just how much they care about thier supporters. It may not say anything about the music they produce, but it made me so happy to see that I knew I wanted to take every opportunity to share them with the world. Saving Vice is certainly high up on my list of newly discovered music. I listened to everything they have out and I didn't find myself skipping a single track. They are all absolute bangers. Be sure to check out thier music and share this post. I want everyone to hear what these guys are doing!

One last note for all of you who are following along with the reviews, be sure to get in your submissions and recommendations for next weeks Monday Morning Mixdown. Please send any submissions to Thank you to everyone who has been submitting music this week, I can't wait to hear it!

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