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Saltatio Mortis - Hypa Hypa (Eskimo Callboy Cover)

Yesterday, German medieval metal group Saltatio Mortis released a cover of metalcore/electronicore group Eskimo Callboy's hit song "Hypa Hypa" that came out last year. The original song is very heavy and brutal with an electronic dance beat behind the guitars. The new version by Saltatio Mortis has an acoustic intro, slower riffs, clean vocals, a hurdy gurdy, and a lot of accordion. It's fantastic! This has everything I look for in a cover. It's recognizable, but it's different enough to be a totally different experience to listen to. They took the song and totally ran with it and made it their own. I absolutely love it! I also really enjoyed the music video and how they wore ridiculous 80's inspired outfits in an homage to the original music video. I highly recommend checking this one out. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Promo image for "Hypa Hypa" cover by Saltatio Mortis.

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