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Saints Can Lie - Hate


The Review

Saints can Lie’s latest single Hate has all the makings of being a hit. It is leagues ahead production wise from their previous EP, Trials and Tribulations. This is mainly due to the fact that the song was recorded and produced by the guitarist of the band, and the studio he works at (Native Darkness Productions) allowing the band to dial in their own sound and bring out exactly what they had in mind when coming up with the ideas for the song.

The song starts right away with a quick drum fill right into heavy, aggressive guitar and vocal work, staying true to its name in sounding hateful and pissed off. It continues this attack through 35 seconds or so leading into a slightly slower section that feels just as heavy.

This leads right back into the same hard hitting riff from the beginning, which after one run through brings in an orchestral section on top of everything else adding to the fast paced feel of the song. Remnants of the orchestral section remain throughout the rest of it, adding to areas that fill in space which would have otherwise felt missing and empty after hearing it the first time around.

The song continues with its punchy attack through two thirds of the song, until suddenly the guitars are pulled back, and the vocals lowered, foreshadowing a heavy hit to come. When the climax hits, it hits hard, rounding the song out with everything, including a reemergence of the full orchestral section playing, seeming heavier, and angrier until the final seconds.

This song is all about attack, aggressiveness, and a feeling of trying to say something with how pissed off it comes across. The guitars, drums, and vocals all fit nicely in the mix, with nothing trying to stand out too much. The orchestral section definitely adds a lot to the fast paced feel of the song, and overall it’s one of those songs you can headbang to all the way throughout.


My Overall Opinion

This is definitely a song to check out if you’re into aggressive punches to the face. Saints Can Lie is definitely a band to watch over the next year or two to see what else they can bring to the table in the Metalcore genre. They are taking steps to prove they are serious about what they are doing and this song proves it.


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