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Rythm Vape Pens..A Smokers Dream

My last trip to vegas started as any of my trips do. Check into the hotel then cross the street and head over to Essence dispensary. This time was a little different. The gentleman that was helping us steered us to try this new disposable vape pen from the company rythm. First off they had plenty of different types to choose from, strains, indica or sativa, different strengths, so i tried three different ones. All of them amazing, worked great, small and compact, and best one of all, no smell. Other perks to this beautiful pen, no charging needed, no cords to keep up with, and it lets you know when its out. By far superior to those cartridges that go on a mod or screw on to another pen that you have to constantly charge. Hits good, easy to control on how big of a hit you want, can put out a ton of smoke depending on how big of a hit you take obviously. Not to mention, extremely easy to travel with and very discreet. By far my favorite product out on the market right now. Do yourself a favor and try to snag some of these where legal!

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