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A unique game for several systems, RISE OF THE ROBOTS came out for the older systems in the early 90s and with some research found it was on several ‘worst of’ lists. Needing to find out if this title was deserved, we gave it a go. Though the premise is great, robots fighting each other to the...death/malfunction, unfortunately it lives up to its reputation. While the animation is nice to look at for its time, the gameplay mechanics is where it suffers and prob where it got its criticism from. Fighting games have to ensure the moves are smooth with the hits/kicks/punches feeling like it accomplishes something. When these hits take place, the robots just bounce off each other making controls feel a bit slippery. Additionally, the fighting moves themselves feels basic. A title to play only for curiosity sake, maybe a modern-day remake would make these robots actually rise. Until then, better fighting titles out there...


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