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Review of Hollow City

Good morning to all of you killing it out there on this fine Saturday! Hellfire Brittany, here to bring you a review of an insanely talented band. I came across Hollow City when I was going through my Spotify suggestions and I couldn't be happier about it. They have so many great songs, I don't know that I could pin down a favorite and even if I could it wouldn't matter, they are all fire.

I first heard their most recent single, "Savior". The intro to the track had me hooked so I let it play out. I love everything about this song. The drum beat fits perfectly with the rest of the instrumentals and I dig it. The guitar and bass arrangements are really well done. I love how they blend with the rest of the track. One thing that stood out to me was the sound of the vocalist. He has such an amazing voice and I can't get enough of it. "Savior" is a killer addition to their already impressive catalogue of music.

Whether it's "Savior", or "Glass Goodbyes", or the absolute banger "Flatline", when their music comes up on my playlist I'm cranking it way up. Check them out on YouTube, social media, and wherever you listen to music. That are an amazingly talented bunch of musicians and well worth a listen and a share.

One last note for all of you who are following along with the reviews, be sure to get in your submissions and recommendations for next weeks Monday Morning Mixdown. Please send any submissions to Thank you to everyone who has been submitting music this week, I can't wait to hear it! Also be sure to share this post so these guys can get the recognition they deserve 😁

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