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Someone alone in the house answering a taunting cell phone call? Killer wearing a mask? If your first thought was ‘Scream', well, you’d be right. However, this outing not only plays homage to Scream, but also other 80s slashers as well. REUNION FROM HELL is the directorial effort from Hayden Newman and would have fit right at home in the late 90s teen slasher craze (remember that glorious period at movie theatres?) We get a whodunit mystery around a bunch of friends who come together after the lead character comes back home after a mutual friend is murdered. Sound familiar? Even the music is reminiscent of Halloween-esque vibes but that’s not a negative, it sets the mood for what is to come. We even have characters say out loud, ‘We feel like we’re in a 90s horror movie.’ This one stands on its own though not only by taking elements that worked before it, but also characters having their own mysteries and secrets that we get hints at before they unravel throughout the film in a natural way. Of course, a whodunit film is only as good as the cast and we get a group of eclectic characters with their own personalities that make the guessing game more fun. However, one of the main differences are characters in the LGBT community who are front and center. Speaking to the director at a convention, it was mentioned that the goal was to have representation, but still have characters come off as natural, and not heavy-handed. The balance is effective as we get dimensional characters who do act natural and fun. Enjoy a good whodunit slasher reminiscent of the 90s craze? Get your own reunion with friends and check it out. And that ending…bet you won’t see it coming…



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