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BRAINS! PARTYTIME! Timeless catch-phrases from the cult classic RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD from the mid-80s. Though this flick probably needs no introduction, let's recap. Characters in the beginning actually reference the events in the original 'Night of the Living Dead' in that events supposedly happened and were covered up. This was meta before 'meta' was actually a thing. Coincidentally, that night same employees accidentally release toxic vapors into the air from military drums in the basement of a supply warehouse and all hell breaks loose. The dead come back to life, they have a craving for braiiiiiins.....and no gore is too much for the fateful night. Besides the rocking soundtrack, we get introduced to a bunch of colorful characters...epitome of 80s rocker/misfit/partyers who decide to spend an evening near the supply warehouse where the fumes were released and have to fend for themselves...but not before being treated to a stripshow by the legendary Linnea. This film has endured over the years with its music, personalities of the cast, and comic-like tones mixing the danger of zombies with the reactions of the humans. The events aren't predictable and the ending still stands as one of the bigger surprises and laugh-out-loud moments combined with a did-they-really-just-do-that vibe. Now that summer is in full swing, spend another night with this kooky group outdoors.

SLASH SCENE: Trash without her clothes


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