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REO Speedwagon start USA tour in Thousand Oaks

REO Speedwagon is without a doubt one of the biggest rock bands of our time with over 40 million albums sold and 13 Top 40 hits. Since their formation in 1967, they have released 16 albums with their latest one releasing in 2009. REO Speedwagon announced a USA tour and the first stop was the Fred Kavli Theatre in Thousand Oaks, California which also happens to be the hometown of singer/guitarist Kevin Cronin. The only downside to the show is that guitarist Dave Amato had to sit out this show due to covid. To make up for it, their producer Joe Vannelli was added to the lineup last minute as a pianist. Even on a Wednesday night, the venue filled with primarily older fans and some younger fans. The lights went out and the crowd cheered as the members of REO Speedwagon came out and started their show with Music Man. The fans stood up from their seats for a little while and cheered. After a couple of more songs, REO Speedwagon played one of their nest songs which was Take It On the Run. Fans love singing along to that song and how can anyone not sing along to the catchy chorus. One of the highlights of the show was when Cronin brought out his daughter Holly so the two of them could sing a duet to what is no doubt REO Speedwagon's biggest song, Can't Fight This Feeling. That song took the band around the world and is their #1 single and kept the top spot for three weeks. In between songs, Cronin would talk about past experiences while touring as well as sharing stories about himself and other band members and even taking shots from a bottle of alcohol that was given to him by The Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar. REO Speedwagon kept up the energy by playing hit after hit which included In My Dreams, Time For Me to Fly, Back on the Road Again and Ridin' the Storm Out. Near the end of the show, REO Speedwagon played another one of their #1 hits and one of their most popular songs, Keep On Loving You. For the show's finale, REO Speedwagon played their usual closing song, Roll With the Changes. Once again, Cronin's daughter and wife as well as the opening band came out to do backing vocals for the song and lots of people from the audience stood up, clapped and sang along. The show had to come to an end, but fans were happy to see one of rock's greatest acts. Fans clapped and cheered once again as REO Speedwagon left the stage.

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