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Talk about your effed up family! READY OR NOT appears, on the surface, to mayyyybe just be a love story gone bad. It’s definitely that, and a whole lot more! We start by seeing a flashback of a young buck in his mansion who stumbles across an old man. After the man begs for help, we see folks show up all costumed out, kill the man, and then flash to present day. This scene makes more sense later on when we now have the kid all grown up, who is set to marry his fiancée. After bringing her to the house, we learn the family has a tradition of playing a game…and the game must be played to be won…or else. The game that the lucky bride drew in this case? Hide and Seek….and the hider (newcomer) must be killed or else the rest of the family will suffer. This was a neat little creative spin on the genre…that in some ways has some Cabin in the Woods tone to it. It seems to know it is doing something a bit different but waits to pull the rug out from underneath at the very end…which viewers will love or hate. Along the way we get some fun hiding scenes, action scenes, killing scenes, and spend time with a family who is as crazy as they are entertaining. In a perfect world, we would get to see more of the other ‘games’ in action that have the possibilities to be chosen but we only have so much time. As it is, this one is decent and give it a shot if you want to see what the newest hype is all about. Ending for me didn’t quite do it…but still on the fence. Just don’t read any spoilers going into it…and be ready.

SLASH SCENE: The ending appearance


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