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Punk In Drublic 2022

Punk in Drublic festival by Brewhaha Productions was announced with a string of classic punk rock bands as well as newer bands. There is currently six stops and punk rock legends NOFX will be headlining all six stops. The lineup rotates depending on the stop. The lineups include bands like Pennywise, Lagwagon, Face to Face, The Bombpops and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. One band to note for the Ventura show is that it will feature Nardcore legends ILL Repute who, in 2004, were inducted into the Ventura County Music Awards Hall of Fame. Founding member and guitarist Tony Cortez is also considered to be the "Mayor of Nardcore". The festival itself will also feature three hours of unlimited beer tasting from various breweries both regional and local favorites. Regardless of which show you choose to attend, you can be guaranteed you'll have lots of fun with friends, family, punk rock music, beer tasting and of course, moshing and crowd surfing. So get out there and show the world that punk is not dead!

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