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Pumking is truly a king

Sorry guys i'm a basic white bitch! I love pumpkin everything and always have and this is no exception to beers. Although with pumpkin beers i either love them or i hate them. Pumking by Southern Tier is hands down my favorite pumpkin beer. When i lived in South Carolina i used to go to my local Kroger grocery store and i would clear them out of all the 22 ounce bottles they had and take them home and put them in my wine cooler and crank that thing down to about 40 degrees and the wine was just screwed at that point until pumking was no longer seen on the shelves. To me it has the perfect balance of pumpkin and beer. Usually they either have too much pumpkin or not enough but Southern Tier nailed this one right on the head. So if your out this fall and looking for a great pumpkin beer to try, i highly suggest trying to find this bad boy and giving it a shot. Careful though it comes in at 8.6% ABV. Nothing to look down upon and will creep up on you fast if you don't watch yourself!

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