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Psyclon Meets Skold

I just discovered that back in June an album was released by Nero Bellum from Psyclon Nine and former Manson bassist Tim Skold under the artist name of Not My God. Wow! I love their sound! I listened to the single "Sowing Discord", which is a fantastic blend of like industrial, EBM, goth rock, and is just overall kind of creepy and unsettling sounding. It's very well done. The video for "Sowing Discord" is really cool too. It has a lot of interesting imagery, Skold and Bellum in really dope corpse paint, and it's mostly in black and white but with a few bits of well placed color. I absolutely love this song and will definitely have to check out the entire album. I dunno how I didn't hear about this release back in June but I've definitely been missing out. ~Gangis

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