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PSYCHO II (1983)

Well it seems after some time away from society, good 'ol Norman Bates is released into the public once again to see if he can be a productive member of civilization...without that whole killing thing. This time around, we have the sister of the original victim, among others, who is not believing he is fit to re-enter society and proposes ways to prove it. Commence 80s slasher fun. For a sequel that came out many many years after the original, they did a decent job of continuing the original storyline while also not just copying what came before. We have connections to the original events, connections to original characters, and a new storyline that's just as much psychological thriller as it is horrory/mystery. Is he really going insane again? Is there someone else behind the new mayhem that is starting? Props for doing something new while also acknowledging previous events that makes this feel like a true sequel and not just a remake. Even when bodies start turning up again, it somehow feels new. Though it might be hard to live up to the original, if you're a fan of the character and curious to see where they went with him, check it out. Some fun twists/turns along the way.



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