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PSYCHO (1998)

If a film is to be remade, usually it's to add something different to the original, honor the original in some way, or improve upon what came before. With the remake of PSYCHO, we get almost none of that; mayyyybe the idea is to honor the original in some way, but with a nearly shot-for-shot remake? That was the gimmick in this 1998 borefest which is made even worse considering '98 was one of the peak years for the teen horror craze (The Faculty, Bride of Chucky, Halloween: H20, Urban Legend). This one pales even more compared to the rest of the bunch that was released that signature year. Vince Vaughn takes over for Perkins as Norman Bates and he does okayyyyy...but still with a gimmick that doesn't justify it's existence, is it even worth it to watch? Thinking of other ways the remake could have worked, maybe there just isn't one that would do the original, or even the new iteration, justice. If you haven't seen the original, this one might do okay, but nothing can capture Hitchcock like the master himself. Check this out for sheer curiosity...but you might go a little mad while doing so.



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