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PSYCHO (1960)

Ohhhhhh...back in the day before social media...PSYCHO is exactly the type of film that would be ruined nowadays...the 'twist' would be blogged about and headlines would mention it and folks wouldn't get nearly the same effect as they would have gotten all those decades ago. But taken on its own, this still holds up as a suspense/horror entry that might make folks shower with the curtain case some crazy person comes in all knife happy. We are introduced to Marion Crane...who decides to make a pit stop at the now famous Bates Motel. After she is disposed of, and we meet the mysterious Norman Bates, we have other people come and go from the motel to try and solve the mystery of the disappearance. Along the way, we're wondering who the mysterious old lady is and the relation to Norman. As a film composed of suspense of terror, this one stands the test of time by mixing in questions about identify, obsession, paranoia, and just all out craziness. Though you've likely seen this one multiple times, if it's been awhile refresh those senses and take a nice cool shower, or showing, with Norman. Just don't go psycho over those noises you hear at night afterwards.



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