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I do love me some cheesy 80s (or technically early 90s) slasher flicks. Low budget, gratuitous, and entertaining. However, PLEDGE night goes a bit too overboard with the mix-mash of stupidity and confusion over what it is. We have an 80-style frat preparing their pledges for hell week and subjecting them to all sorts of weird and insane hazing rituals. This takes place during the first half of the movie and they always choose one 'pledge' to act like he is going crazy and attempting to kill folks when it's all actually a prank. About 2/3 of the way in, we find that the pledge who is supposed to be 'acting' actually is...possessed? It seems years ago a different frat that lived in the same house killed a pledge during its rituals and now this spirit is out for revenge. It's never really explained where this spirit comes from as it comes to fruition in the later part of the movie. Almost like a zombie that just comes out of the body of whomever it's possessing and starts an actual rampage. It's never really explained and seems like an afterthought. Not that this genre is known for always making sense, but at least try to have a bit of coherence. If you want to experience a flick that borders on insanity, dumb teens, comedy, and a wtf were they thinking, then this one is up your alley. If you enjoy your slashers more straightforward with at least some minimal intelligence, then don't pledge this house.

SLASH SCENE: Cherry race


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