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Ohhhh….if only we had more flicks where the tone set out exactly what it was supposed to be. PLANET half of ‘Grindhouse’ that was supposed to be a throwback to those cheesy/gritty/grindhouse flicks of yonder years somehow got it right. We get a cast of colorful characters, led by needs-to-be-in-more-flicks Freddy Rodriguez and Rose McGowan, who clash with the Government, and civilians, who come into contact with ‘Project Terror’ a biochemical weapon that turns you into zombies. Not just your average, boring slow zombies…these are running, melting, gore-splatter, attack everyone type of zombie. From beginning to end, we get an entertaining thrill ride made up of Rodrigruez/Tarantino favorites...with signature Rodriguez style combined with a throwback to those grindhouse movies we all know and love. I mean…, a scientist who literally collects the balls of his opponents and keeps them in a jar? We actually see this take place in the first 5 minutes. If that doesn’t prepare you for the craziness you’re about to endure, nothing will. Somehow this movie doesn’t take itself seriously yet at the same time, conveys a tone that plays it serious for the characters and adds enough ‘grindhouse' elements to make it all work and it doesn’t feel like a parody. If you like your over-the-top gore, horror, and entertaining cast (and if you didn’t, you should), then make sure you visit Plant Terror routinely. And the music…I love me some music on this soundtrack.

SLASH SCENE: Machine-Gun Legs


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