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PIRANHA 3D (2010)

Ohhhh its May…that means summer time! (In my book anyway). And what better way to celebrate summer than with a movie destined to make you terrified of the water! PIRANHA 3D is exactly what it sounds like…a movie about killer fish. And while this one could have been on the cheesier end of the spectrum…they actually manage to make a fun B-movie romp complete with gore and characters and the kitchen sink. With a movie about don’t reallllllly care about the plot too much…but they do a decent job explaining something about earthquakes, prehistoric fish, and such that shows how we got to the current situation. Spring break time at the beach, and bodies start piling up and of course, before the folks who figure this all out can warn everyone, it’s Armageddon time. Elisabeth Shue is always a nice addition to the film but she is only one of a handful of entertaining characters. Jerry O' Connell plays sleaze like he was born for it…and is hilarious the whole way through. As light a tone as they somehow made this, that’s as gruesome and gory as they went with the devouring scenes. Just wait until the we get to the crazy public beach scene where everyone is being chased and/or eaten. And there are some definite grisly scenes that show what a pack of piranhas will do when they are hungry (which seem like always). Kick off your summer with this one…just don’t watch right before swimming.

SLASH SCENE: Jerry O’ Connell’s ‘fish’ scene


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