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Pile of Priests New Album Review

Thrash turned progressive death metal band Pile of Priests new album came out a few weeks ago. The intro featuring a softly and beautifully played discordant piano set the tone for anything but what this album is. I was not expecting to be punched in the face by some brutal death metal! I love it! Each song is distinct from eachother, and yet they all fit together to form a cohesive and well thought out album. Halfway through the album we're given another soft instrumental piece, which is a nice contrast from the heaviness. The final track features a female singer who has a beautiful voice, and the end of the album returns to somewhat thrashy guitars with some brutal growling. I have nothing bad to say. I absolutely recommend listening to this album in its entirety, otherwise you'll miss out on a lot of gorgeous elements that are part of what makes this one great. But each track also stands alone as a work of art. Go check out this album. ~Gangis

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