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Phantogram - Anaheim, CA - 11/4/22

Phantogram is an electronic/pop-rock band from New York. In 2020, they released their fourth album, Ceremony. They last toured in 2019 and they finally announced another tour this year. The second stop on this tour was the House of Blues in Anaheim, California. Orange County was so hyped up for this show that it sold out ahead of time. A Friday night was perfect for a show like this as fans quickly packed the venue to where it was difficult to even walk around.

The lights went out and the sold-out crowd cheered with excitement as the backing band members came out first. After them, out came vocalist/bassist Sarah Barthel and guitarist Josh Carter aka "Josh Motherfucking Carter". The two of them are the driving force of the band. The first song they played was You're Mine from their third album, Three. The whole band was on point as they played their music to perfection. The next performed was one of their most popular songs, Black Out Days. Following up with the music was their impressive light show where the lights flashed along to the notes. The fourth song played was another one of the popular songs, Don't Move. Funny enough, that song got the crowd dancing to the beat and music as well as singing along. The main thing about the music of Phantogram is that every song hits differently depending on your mood. One song can make you happy and dance while another can have you laying on the floor flooded with feels. Phantogram kept up the amazing music as they played hits like Pedestal, Mister Impossible and Cruel World. The crowd came fully alive as they played what many people would say is their best song, Fall in Love. The crowd continued to dance and sing along. Phantogram know how to deliver a good show. The last song of the night was You Don't Get Me High Anymore. Phantogram finished the song and left the stage seeming to mark the end of the show. After a small break, Phantogram came back out for a couple of encores. Barthel mentioned that this next song was dedicated to her sister Becky who committed suicide in 2016 and that she misses her every day. The song was Answer and is a very soothing song that makes you want to bring out your lighters or phones and wave them in the air. The final song of the night was When I'm Small from their 2010 debut album, Eyelid Movies. Phantogram finished up the song and left the stage for the last time. A great performance by them and hopefully they come back to SoCal real soon.

Photos and review by Misael Ruiz

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