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Phantasm V : Ravager (Movie Review)

I finally sat down and watch 2016's "Phantasm V : Ravager", and was honestly kind of disappointed. They waited almost twenty years to make the movie. They spent tons of time working on the story line. But what they came up with was not only hard to follow, but sort of not satisfying. My first big issue is that they used a lot of CGI, much of which was not necessary and was poorly done. The original films were almost entirely practical effects, and I wish they had kept that. I understand what they were trying to accomplish by time hopping so much, but I feel like it was a little over done. It got too hard to follow. I get that we're seeing things mostly from Reggie's side of the story, and he didn't know what was real from one moment to the next, but we didn't know either, and at the end, it isn't really cleared up. I will admit I cried when we saw him die in the hospital bed. I love Reggie, he's my favorite character of the series, and I really like how this movie focused on him. But, did he actually die or not? Did he die and then The Tall Man showed some goodness by returning him to Mike and Jody? I get that that would be a fitting ending in some ways, because then he's with Mike and Jody and they're doomed to fight an eternal endless battle that they can't win. But. There's just way too many loose ends and lack of explanation. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy watching this film. But. It was way too complicated and didn't really give a satisfactory ending. It was sort of a let down. The scenes of banter between Reggie and The Tall Man seemed sort of off. The Tall Man was a lot more cruel in past installments, and I feel like he lost a lot of the original essence of the character. Though it was nice to see the entire cast come back together all these years later, especially Angus Scrimm. But. This movie was definitely not what I'd hoped it to be, and I honestly think it would've been better to leave it in the 90's and not try to reboot it. ~Gangis

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