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Phantasm III : Lord Of The Dead

I just watched the third installment of the Phantasm series, and I was both pleasantly surprised that the storyline was great, but also slightly let down because lets face it, some of the acting in that movie is horrible. The kid who set up the "Home Alone" style security systems in his house is a little badass! The chick with the num-chuks is a really cool character, but her acting sucks. I think it's kind of funny how many times Reggie thinks she's actually sleeping with him, but then realizes dammit, it's another illusion. Keep dreamin' Reg. I really like how this movie gives us more details on what the orbs are and how they're made. Until this point, we have no idea what's inside those little murdering balls. My favorite scene is when they shove The Tall Man into the freezer and watch him get all frosty. I enjoyed this one a lot, and love how much cheese it has. I definitely recommend watching it if you haven't seen it. ~Gangis

Image credit: Movie cover for Phantasm III : Lord Of The Dead, directed on Don Cascarelli.

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