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If you were a fan of the N64 shooter days, Goldeneye was or should have been on the top of your list. A first-person shooter (or rather first-weapon shooter), that revolutionized the multiplayer genre, shooter genre that added missions, and fleshed out a complicated storyline from the movies into easy-to-understand segments. These effects and comparisons are still felt today in shooters that come out. However, another title that appeared and seemed to not quite have the staying power was a title called PERFECT DARK. This was looked at as a spiritual successor to Goldeneye in that the same company developed it and even used the same game engine, though it was upgraded for faster gameplay. While controlling the main character, Joanna Dark, you discover spy missions, lab settings, bad guys, more bad guys, and even get mixed up with Area 51. Though this title is on several ‘best of lists’ it doesn’t get the word-of-mouth acclaim it deserves when bringing up the old N64. Revisit or give it a playthrough and see for yourself. Especially if you were a fan of Goldeneye. This one amps up the action a few notches.


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