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PARADISE LOST - Darker Thoughts

English gothic/death/doom metal group Paradise Lost released the first single off of their "At The Mill" live album the other day. The album is set to come out on July 16th. "Darker Thoughts" originally came out on their album that came out last year. I feel like live albums aren't as popular of a thing as they used to be, but they've always been some of my favorites. While the studio version of this song is absolutely gorgeous and features an orchestra, doing it live adds a bit of a heavier edge to it, and the bassline is much more prominent. I almost feel like it's a very different song. I love it though, it's absolutely fantastic. I feel like live music always has another layer of emotion to it too that is sometimes lost on studio recordings. I definitely enjoyed this, and I'm looking forward to their new album. ~Gangis

Photo credit: Still frame from the music video for the live performance of "Darker Thoughts" by Paradise Lost on Nuclear Blast Records.

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