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Papa Roach - Broken As Me feat. Danny Worsnop

Heavy/alt metal artist Papa Roach revisited one of his 2015 hits "Broken As Me" ft. Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria. This comes off of Papa Roach's upcoming "Greatest Hits Vol. 2" that's coming out on March 19th. I love the whole concept for this album, and that he's re-recording all the songs. Being a fan of Asking Alexandria and loving the original version of this song, I think this revisit is absolutely fantastic! Worsnop totally breathes a new life into this song and takes it to a level beyond the original version. I love it! "Greatest Hits Vol. 2" is shaping up to be a fantastic album, not only for those of us who are nostalgic about the old versions of the songs, but also for new fans who might not have heard the songs before. I'm definitely looking forward to when it comes out. ~Gangis

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