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Ouija Macc - Demon Seed (Single Review)

The last and supposed final signee to the Insane Clown Posse's label Psychopathic Records was Ouija Macc formally of Swag Toof. Ouija has since dropped several projects including his latest release "Dirtbag" which has been crucified (no pun intended) due to the album art which is below this article. Christians did not like the image of Ouija on the crucifix. One of the first singles "Demon Seed" dropped a music video that was super dope! The song itself was super catchy and the lyrical content fit Ouija's style very well. Ouija has his own style that is unmatched in the underground scene. His mixture of the wicked shit and new school vibes makes his sound ultra original and something that could carry Psychopathic Records into the new era and beyond. Demon Seed delivered on dope lines such as " I'm in her guts like a monster, Ouija gonna fuck up her posture." Witty lines out the ying yang. I'm definitely a supporter of Ouija Macc and I hope you give this song a listen!

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