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OTTTO at The Brite Room in Camarillo, California

OTTTO is a three-piece rock/groove band from Venice Beach, California. In 2020, they released their self-titled debut EP. They have their debut album coming out in 2023. The first single from the album is titled Skyscraper and can be heard here: The band features Tye Trujillo who is the son of Metallica bassist, Robert Trujillo. OTTTO announced a West Coast tour and one of the stops on the tour was in Camarillo, California. They were supported by Bastardane. The venue had a nice turnout of people who wanted to hear live music on a Saturday night.

The lights went out and the crowd cheered with excitement as the members of OTTTO came out and started their show with their single, Ride Low. Right way, you could hear the groovy bass lines from Trujillo and the shredding skills of guitarist/singer Bryan Noah Ferretti. The band members were very energetic the whole show as they jumped around and head banged the whole night. More great songs played included Sorius, Ghost Rider and Riding Out. All three musicians were still young, but they played their instruments to perfection and the crowd was having fun by head banging, raising their horns and moshing even in a small place. The show came to an end with a Suicidal Tendencies cover of War Inside My Head. OTTTO left the stage and the audience clearly wanted more as they chanted for one more song. The band is still very young, but they've got a bright future ahead of them.

Photos and review by Misael Ruiz

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