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One clown demon happy meal coming up!

I remember watching the trailer for this a while back and even then thought this might be a pretty damn good movie and i was right. For some people it may be a little slow and a lack of blood and guts. But what they did with it and how they did it was fantastic. The practical effects and over all costume design of jack was fucking spot on. i loved it. The over all plot line was great, the character development and side stories were great. Obviously a lower budget film, they maximized their cash flow and definitely were resourceful with what they had which alot of indie films fall short on. But this film isn't one of those. The one spot i wouldn't want to cut corners on was definitely the character design of jack and they didn't cheap out on him at all! Overall the movie was fantastic, the only thing i would have asked for was more blood and gore but other than that this is definitely a five star must see! Go check it out on amazon prime!

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