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Once Upon a Full Moon

My first horror film as a child, the film that started my love and obsession with the horror genre was a little film called Puppet Master by Full Moon Productions which is owned by Charles Band. I grew up on his films. Everything from Meridian, Pit in the Pendulum, Trancers, Doll Man, Demonic Toys, there is just so many that i loved. But Puppet Master was my main love. I obsessed over the puppets, i would even draw them and try and create my own comic books based upon the little puppets. Overall, it was an amazing movie. Great practical effects, the puppetry, everything about it was amazing, even to this day i still watch it several times a year. There is just something super special about this movie and i have never met a person who didn't love it. It literally shaped my life and now my career within the horror world, and i have to thank Mr.Charles Band for his contributions and he is the reason that i do what i do. I know some of you are thinking, this movie wasn't that great, but it's so much more than just a movie, atleast to me. It was magical, and it literally shaped my childhood, my teen age years, my love and obsession with the horror industry. Everyone has that one film, or band that changed the course of their life and this one was what did it for me. Thank you Mr. Band for creating this and helping shape the course of my life and now my career.

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