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Oh! The Horror - Witch Bitch (Single Review)

Oh! the Horror was one of the latest signees to Twiztid's label Majik Ninja Entertainment. Many people didn't know what to think because they were the first rock band signed to the label. They quickly won me over as a fan with the single "Halloween 365" then following that with the cover song "Tears of Gold" I knew quickly I wanted to work with these guys and became a fan of the music overall. Their new single off the brand new album "1692" is called "Witch Bitch" and its dope! The first thing that caught my ear was the hard guitar riffs at the start of the song that made me think of old Slipknot. Then they came into the first verse with some dope bars that went like " Fuck her face down on a Ouija board... She said she wants more and I can’t ignore ....She ride me till I’m nothing more .... Than a corpse on the floor." The flow pattern was awesome and the overall beat and lyrical content was on point! I will be jamming this song on the regular. Shout out to the whole Oh! The Horror crew!!

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