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Some may call this horror, some call it comedy, some call it both, but no one can deny it’s uniqueness: NOTHING BUT TROUBLE is what would happen if you allowed Texas Chainsaw Massacre to have an offspring with Ghostbusters and National Lampoon's Vacation but in the darkest corners of the universe. This effort was written and directed by Ray Stantz himself and was the only movie he ever directed. Chevy Chase and Demi Moore play a couple who get pulled over for speeding in some middle-of-nowhere town and are subjected to a kangaroo court proceeding complete with an ancient judge, house of horrors, John Candy in drag, and some other surprises. While the result is an acquired taste for many, if you can get through this you’ll get to see a rare tone of horror/comedy with gags that are rarely seen today. Chevy plays his smugness that we’re used to and Dan is enjoying his role to the extreme. Mr. Bonestripper would be at home in Chainsaw Massacre territory but is played for laughs here. If nothing else, recommended purely to witness what happens when ideas are allowed to roam free put to screen. This is movie history.

SLASH SCENE: Rapping Tupac


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