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Nine Inch Nails - Dead Souls

I'ts not a secret I'm usually not a fan of remakes or covers. Yes, some can be decent, or outright great, but most fall short in my opinion. However, DEAD SOULS, by Nine Inch Nails, is a cover of Joy Division that not only does the song justice, but gives a new interpretation thanks to the heavy vocals of Reznor and the more grunge-ish sound to go along with the context of the times it was released. This was included on the soundtrack to The Crow...and I don't believe there's ever been a song more fit for a film and its theme. Revenge, empathy, anger, afterlife...these themes all take an underlying presence in the song's 90s-ish and

more aggressive sound than its predecessor. Check it out...while running through the rooftops like Draven.

Listen here:

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