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Nightmare on Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors

He’s baaaack!! Freddy returns in a ‘true’ sequel in NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3: DREAM WARRIORS. I say ‘true’ in that we get returning characters from the first so it feels like a continuation of the original story. Part 2 will always be unique for many reasons, but in the scheme of the overall franchise, we don’t have recurring characters from Part 2 in other entries and it’s a self contained story. Part 3 leads into part 4; which lead into part 5 in some ways, and so forth. In this one, we have teenage Kristen, who is admitted to a hospital after her mom believes her to be suicidal. After meeting an eclectic cast of other patients, we find out that the original Nancy is the new intern therapist in charge of watching over the kids. Obviously, things begin to go wrong. When the kids fall asleep, bad things happen. One is ‘Spider-Manned’ over the roof, one gets to ‘prime time’ with the inside of a television screen, and other crazy kills take place. Out of the all the sequels, this is generally regarded as a favorite and it’s easy to see why. We have a likeable and diverse cast of new teen patients, the OG hero back, and a tone that doesn’t go too much into absurdity and more or less plays it straight. Plus, we get two of the greatest kills in the entire franchise…including ‘Prime Time bitch!’ This entry is where Freddy really began to come into his own with his signature personality and signature dream sequences. After this one the franchise really took off. For a great entry into the classic series, you can’t go wrong with this outing. Makes you miss the creative 80s even more.



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