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Remaking a Romero film? Not to mention, the king of all zombie films, the original 'Living Dead?' While on paper, this could seem like not-the-greatest idea, the 90s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD' actually works when the elements all come together. Directed by another king, of practical splatter FX Savini himself, you know you're in for a visual treat when the zombies all start walking. We get the same assorted cast of characters, with the underrated Tom Towles actually outshining the Candyman himself in some scenes. Though they could've just redid the script beat-by-beat, they changed up enough things to give the same general story, but some of the details are nuanced enough to make it worthwhile for any horror fan to check out. We probably haven't seen a more gory and gooey collection of zombies since. And how many times do we get to see Mr. Moseley play someone normal? Add this one to your rotation this spooky season.

SLASH SCENE; New ending


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