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Ohhhh what can be said about this that hasn't been said already...I mean, if you're a horror fan and haven't see the original classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, then you can't call yourself a true horror 'fan' until you've checked this off the list. Barbara and her brother are taking a trip to a cemetery to pay their respects when they are accosted by a slow walking, all banged up, individual in a trance-like state. When the brother is unfortunately knocked out, it's up to her to drive away and hole up in a house with some other characters and it's discovered the walking dead is out in full force. For a film made over 50 years ago, even in black and white, it still holds up as well as any other one out there. The effects, gore, slow-walking terror, even the misfits holed up in the house have their own personalities and motivations that play a part in what transpires for the evening there. Modern 'zombie' films have running crowds that seem to miss the effect of a nice slow group that can still get things done. Some may have their personal preferences, but for my pick, the walking zombies will always take priority. This was the first in a long line of Romero films, spinoffs, and other influences and some were better than others. But for the original source, nothing can beat this one. If it's been a while, spend your night with the living while watching the dead...



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