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Happy New Year Slash-er fans! For this edition, we will discuss one of the only ‘new year’ -themed horror flicks out there…NEW YEAR’S EVIL. To begin with, this one epitomizes most everything glorious about the 80s slasher genre. It’s a bloody, sleazy, cheap-looking, brutal time…and I mean that in the best possible way! The basic premise is some wacko calls radio stations who threatens to kill a new ‘naughty girl’ each time the clock hits midnight in various time zones…and plays their screams from previous kills to prove it. Meantime, we also have many rock band and dance party scenes keeping us engaged while the killer plans his next move. Have we seen these type of kills before? Definitely. But have we seen them in a New Year’s Eve setting where we get to celebrate the new year multiple times throughout? And that’s what makes this one unique. The classic cheap 80s sleazy slasher might be common…but finding a fun one that puts its own twist on things is what makes this one stand out. Also, how about that mask? The mask in this one deserves more love in the genre...creepy as hell. We don’t hear about it nearly as much as we should. One note, notice how I said epitomizes ‘most everything’ earlier. For the type of sleaze horror it purports to be…we could have used more skin in this one. For a dance party/hollywood hotline ‘naughty-girl’ victim mash up, I was expecting more, well, ‘naughty-ness.’ But that’s okay. It’s still a fun ride. Think of this one as an 80s rock/slasher/mystery all rolled into one. Check it out soon to roll in the near year.

SLASH SCENE: Hospital Murder


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