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New Evanescence??!!

It's been a couple years since Evanescence released their last album, and being a long time fan, I'm very excited about this one! Last week they released "The Game is Over", a single from their album "The Bitter Truth" that comes out later this year. Amy Lee still has it! This song has that classic Evanescense sound to it. In sound, it's like a sister of "Do What You Want" from 2009. It's amazing! It's about struggling all alone with mental health, which is something I'm sure a lot of people are having problems with right now, and I feel like right now's a great time to release it. It's always wonderful to hear a band be around for so long, take a long hiatus, and now almost 15 years since they started, still be releasing quality music with their signature sound. I was totally blown away when I saw them live last summer, sounding and looking as good as ever. They continue to release music that is so emotionally powerful, easily relatable, and just sounds so good. I love Evanescence and can't wait for their new album. ~Gangis

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