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New Devildriver!! Holy Shit!!!

Earlier today Devildriver released "Iona" off of their new album "Dealing With Demons" that's set to come out this October. Holy shit!!!! It's great!!! The song tells the tale of the mysterious undead lady, Iona, who steals men's souls. Right off the bat, this song and video pulled me in. Throughout the video we watch Iona torment this guy who can't escape, and eventually has his soul stolen. It's a lyric video, which I often find the lyrics across the screen to be distracting or to pull away from the video. But, it was so well done in this case, that they aren't an issue at all. Really cool video. One thing I really liked about the song is that the lyrics rhyme. That's something I haven't often noticed in death metal, but I thought it was great. I absolutely love this song, and its very different than the one they put out last month. I am really looking forward to seeing how the other songs will fit in to the cohesiveness of the album. I'm sure it will not disappoint. ~Gangis

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