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Nebraska calls for legalization!

As most of us know the medical benefits of marijuana is never ending. From helping epilepsy patients, cancer patients, stomach ailments such as ibs, to so many other medical conditions it is a blessing. It has helped countless people manage pain and other ailments that regular man made drugs couldn't help with or in some cases made worse. I know some of you non believers are shaking your heads in disbelief but maybe you should sit down with some of these patients and get their first hand experiences before judging. If you really want to discuss this with some pros, try reaching out to the organization Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana. These guys and gals are tirelessly fighting for the legalization and can answer many of your questions that you may have. Wanna Help? Go check out their facebook page at and pinned to the top are locations in which they will be gathering signatures. Please help and sign and if your unsure, ask questions! The only dumb question is the question not asked!

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