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If you can’t get enough NBA game-watching, then get your fix NBA game-playing! The original NBA JAM for the arcade and 16-bit systems was a powerhouse of sports and action when it arrived and still holds up to this day! You choose a team comprised of just two people but that’s all you need. Only four people on the court (you and your opponent) is enough to dribble up and down to try and score the most. But come on; this game isn’t about scoring…it’s about doing the most ridiculous, over-the-top dunks you can do so you can hear “He’s on Fire….”…which happens if you score 3 consecutive buckets in a row without your opponent scoring. This allows you to score easier until your opponent sinks one in eliminating your ‘fire’. But that’s not all; enter in the right code at the start of the match and you can play as George Clinton, developers of the Midway team, Bill Clinton, and more. Also, codes allow you for in-game power ups such as unlimited goal-tending (my favorite). No surprise this is also the same company that helped produce Mortal Kombat with the secret codes entered in before a match and almost fight-em style basketball as you try to steal the ball away. Simple and fun gameplay and breaking the backboard never gets old! Plug it in and Jam up your weekend! Boomshakalaka!!

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