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My Buddi...

Child's Play, a huge favorite among horror lovers, even myself being a huge admirer of the franchise. Probably my favorite even, above Jason, Freddy, Michael, the whole lot really. I was terrified and kinda pissed about this "remake". It took me a long time to swallow my pride and just sit down and watch it. i not only watched it once, i had to turn around and watch it for a second time. Now this review is going to be a bit different because you want to review this as a remake. And if i were to review this as an actual remake, i would give it a horrible rating but you really can't. There was so much different that it was almost a completely different film other than a few similarities like character names and that was about it. Even the story line was completely different from that of the original. As a stand alone movie, say it wasn't a reboot or anything, lets say child's play never actually existed it was fantastic. the graphics were great, the practical effects with the Chucky doll were awesome and creepy as fuck. The kills were imaginative, bloody, and everything you would expect in a great horror film. The scene where Andy finds his mothers boyfriends severed face in his room with a bow on it was classic. The scene where he stood in his room playing back the audio of the cat being killed was disturbing. Overall i have to say it, it was a great movie. And i honestly kinda hope there will be a sequel made.

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