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My Brothers Keeper

What can i say about this film? Basket Case was one of my first low budget horor flicks i seen as a kid and i still love it to this day. I am not sure if its just the emotional attachment i have to it or i actually love it as much as i watch it and have watched it. To me it is low budget gold. Great story line which had not been seen like that. The acting wasn't bad at all. For what little money they were working with most likely it came out fantastic and to this day is considered in most circles a cult classic. It went off to spawn two sequels that were just as fucked up and wonderful as the first one if not more so. As you can tell in my reviews i try to be as vague as possible to not take away anything from the movie for the viewer and of course im doing the same. It boils down to, good story line, solid acting, for the time pretty good practical effects and even some now very out dated claymation effects which i thought was really cool, some nudity, some sex scenes, and a good amount of death! Over all if your into low budget and cult classics this is one you need to sit down and enjoy over and over again!

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