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You would think with all the revenge motives in horror, we would have more centered around the special romantic day in February…but they seem to be very few and far between. MY BLOODY VALENTINE is an early 80s classic that actually is a bit misleading until you get to know the story. This isn’t about some rejected prom date turned psycho, or revenge over a long-lost love; rather a team of miners got trapped on Valentine’s Day while those in charge of supervision attended a V-day dance. Only one survivor came out of the group and after having to resort to cannibalism to stay alive, ended up going crazy, killed those responsible, and ended up in an asylum. Flash forward twenty years later, hearts start getting ripped out, literally, and we have to wonder if someone is up to their old tricks. This is a rather unique story in the horror genre and I feel it doesn’t get enough recognition for an iconic villain. We see the heart butcher dress up in an old mining outfit complete with mask/breathing attire and it is probably one of the more scarier ‘real-world’ maniac outfits one could see. The 80s had so many slasher flicks released that some would get lost in the shuffle and perhaps this was one of them. It’s entertaining enough as it is though, with some pretty sweet psycho-killer scenes and some tension...especially in the climax that of course takes place back underground in the mine shafts. The cast is relatively unknown…even to this day which makes it harder to predict who will survive. If you like 80s slashers…try this one. You might not fall in love…but you’ll at least have a little bit of lust for a night.

SLASH SCENE: The underground climax


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