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Mutant Rabbits and Crooked Evangelists

Let us start off by saying this movie is fucking amazing! Without really knowing much about it, you can tell that it was an adaptation of a comic book in which it very well was. Well it was an adaptation of a graphic novel. The whole film stays very true to that hokey comic horror feel that you would want and look for. The main character ends up reminding you of a really fucked up version of deadpool with the attitude and the comedic lines dropped in the same fashion that you are familiar with. It has a great story line in which alot of us nerdy mother fuckers can familiarize our selves with. The blood, gore, and special effects are pretty dope. There are a few parts of shitty cgi but thats to be expected in a lower budget film, but definitely help keep the tone of it being a higher end low budget film that you would want, atleast from a good low budget film. Also had some evil dead type of feel scenes to it. I definitely rate this a 5 outta 5. Definitely sit down, check it out, and if your a low budget lover like myself, you will fall in love with it.

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