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It is freeeezing out there folks…that being said decided to keep with the season and review some good ‘ol hockey. Not just any hockey…MUTANT LEAGUE HOCKEY! This title came out after the success of Mutant League football (see review here) where you could bash, dismember, set land mines, make a team ‘forfeit’ for lack of players after some nasty killings, and so on. If you played that, you get more of the same here, including great names that are parodies of real players, (my favorite: Bones Jackson!). However, some new welcoming additions were tailor made for playing hockey: options include exploding pucks when an opposing teammate picks it up, the crowd throwing in objects to use against your opponent, and for every face-off to start a round you can bash your opponent to get the puck. Tripping over a corpse is a hazard too that one needs to look out for. If the idea of scoring a point on a giant mutant head is endearing than look no further than this madcap zany game for a brutal hockey match. While the game is tons of fun, if there was one drawback, the controls can take a bit to get used to. Yes, being a hockey game means having to control players on ice but you will have to get used to the ‘lag’ in making some players move where you want as they go up and down the rink. Once you get used to those logistics though (and you will after one or two outings) it’ll be like riding a bike. Lace up for some brutal mutant hockey action. Final note; if you were to choose between only this or Mutant League Football, I’d say that the more you enjoy football as a whole you’ll enjoy Mutant League Football (though even non-pigskin fans still will). Mutant League hockey, you don’t have to be a hockey fan to enjoy it. As long as you enjoy carnage, fighting, and some crazy mishaps, you’ll find something to like..though hockey enjoyment in itself is obviously a plus.


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