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Do you like the idea of bashing referees? How about your opponents? Trick plays? Having an actual ‘fantasy’ league? Then make sure you check out MUTANT LEAGUE FOOTBALL! This was a title from the Genesis during the 90s run and it definitely stands out as one of the more unique sports experiences you can take participate in. Your teams can be comprised of robots, aliens, horror tropes like skeletons and so on. ‘Bones Jackson’ is prob one of the more famous players you can control. You have teams like Psycho Slashers, Rad Rockers, Road Warriors,…just to give you an idea of the maniacal themes involved. While you do have your standard football plays, bribing (or straight out dismembering) the refs, getting caught in landmines, or even other penalties are easy to do and add some hilarity and ‘no holds barred’ to the gameplay. Actually, supposedly they used one of the original Madden engines for the game itself, which makes sense as the gameplay runs very smooth even with all the war battles going on. Experience the ‘nasty audibles’ to eliminate your opponents and make them forfeit for lack of players…now there’s a feature we only wish we could emulate in real life. . Even you non-sports fans might get something out of this as there's just as much carnage and comedy as there is actual pigskin. Check it out for some retro sports combined with war battles...we only wish there were more than just two titles in this franchise.


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