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Mudhoney - Pump It Up (PCU Soundtrack)

Some covers of songs justify their existence just by the sheer amount of time in between the original and new version that the sound is guaranteed to be different. Some tweak the beat a bit in that the tempo is different almost turning it into a brand new song. Then others decide to employ a very similar style that you can’t help but wonder why it was done in the first place. PUMP IT UP was a Costello song but redone for the criminally underrated 90s soundtrack of PCU by the band Mudhoney. The tempo is very similar and you’d be forgiven for not knowing it’s a cover to begin with. However, in the context of the movie soundtrack, this version still works and gives off the vibe of zany antics that the film does. The original will always be classic but if you’re a fan of the film, try this one on.

Listen here:

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